Are you searching for scientists who specialise in a field related to your line of business? Do you need their knowledge and experience? Use RAD-on, which provides the full list of scientists who are employed by scientific and higher education entities in Poland, including researchers and academic staff.

Find out about:

  • the fields they specialise in
  • the entities where they are employed
  • their publications and scientific achievements
  • their inventions.


Inventorum is another system that assists in identifying partners for your business. It relies on smart algorithms to bring scientists and businesspeople together.

Create your own scientific or business profile. You can also create profiles for companies or scientific institutions. Be sure to include detailed information that will enable the system to offer tailor-made recommendations.

Are you dissatisfied with the system’s suggestions? Follow these steps for more relevant results:

  • change the recommendation criteria
  • search the database by asking questions directly in the search box.