Explore available sources of scientific knowledge in a field related to your business. Visit the PBN website.

Acquire information on:

  • books
  • articles and journals
  • conferences and conference proceedings
  • institutions related to your sector.

Publications are supplemented with information on their authors. You can check whether they specialise in the field you are interested in. Find out about:

  • other publications they have written
  • conferences they have attended
  • institutions with which they are affiliated.

This data will help you find the best scientists and teams of researchers for your projects.
You do not need an account to use the system. Type in your keywords in the search box, use the available filters and enjoy the full potential of the database.


Scientific publications can also be searched for in RAD-on, which is OPI’s biggest system with data available to the public. It provides information on:

  • articles
  • books
  • chapters
  • conference proceedings.

It also allows you to check which authors are employed in the higher education and science sectors.